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The DESIGN RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT  is a bespoke personalisation service designed to industries.

We can develop any design or colour palette the customer desire, totally developed and produced on a commission based project suitable for large scale productions.

As an example with customer’s permission, here we show some  request and development we had few years ago for some series to be produced on large scale.

We create any new series from scratch zero,taking care of the graphic and glaze to be used, followed by the industrial test.

The project were completed with the full satisfaction of the customer, and again, we can develop and make any wishes that customer wants in terms of size, design and colours.

The first approach customer or his professional approach us with the idea that they want to develop for their new serie in order for us to study the feasability process and the cost of the operation that is divided in developing cost and testing supply.

This can be developed on all products base, Fine Ceramics tiles, Fine Porcelain Tiles and Slabs, depending on the requested product there are some conditions to meet, however each project will be evaluated separately without any limited  standards.

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